Are you looking for local foods?

Map of local

This is how we define local

At Neighbors Market you will find a very specific definition of local. In fact, we have a map of the area we call local and you’ll find that it’s close to home. Our produce comes only from Washington or Oregon farmers.

Have you made clean, whole food a priority?

no hfcs


Neighbors Market has no foods with high-fructose corn syrup. You’ll find that the foods in our store generally don’t have artificial colors, artificial flavors, multi-syllabic ingredients from laboratories, or overly processed components of other foods on the ingredient lists.

Do you want to know that your food is cruelty-free?

We feel strongly that ethics should always be a priority and it includes the manner in which animals are raised and how the humans growing, harvesting, and processing the foods we eat are treated. In a global economy, it is vital that we stay aware of the impacts of our food choices. At Neighbors Market we question the sourcing of all our foods and select only the foods we believe are cruelty-free.