Big Sale


The BIG SALE has been renamed the Red Dot Sale. We have discounted items that we are not going to re-stock, so you get especially attractive prices.

The sale includes beers, many of the Eden brand of canned products, soaps, deodorants, body scrubs, paper products, frozen vegetables, pastas, and packaged seasonings, all the Bio-Kleen products and several other items. Sales pricing is still evolving, but count on prices being from 25% to 75% less than the price tag. We’re still getting signage in place, but if it has a red dot on it, you have a savings!

Help us shift to our new product mix by telling your friends and neighbors about the Red Dot Sale.

Check back often, as this list is being updated as I go.

Some of the items you’ll find at discounted prices in the store (okay, this is probably not the best use of my time); it isn’t comprehensive, it includes a few of the items I’m adding that might not have red dots on them yet.

  • Beer
  • Coalition King Kitty
  • Coalition Two Dogs
  • Widmer Omission
  • Wandering Aengus
  • Odin
  • Elysian Men’s Room Red
  • Fearless Scottish Ale
  • Fearless Mjolnir
  • Vertigo Razz Wheat
    Loose Teas

  • Enchanted Tea 40% discount
  • Oh Qua Tea 40% discount

  • Cherry Fest Caramels
    Oliver’s Olives

  • All Oliver’s 27% discount
    Sweet Creek Brand

  • Sweet Creek salsa: hot, medium, mild
  • Sweet Creek relish: dill and sweet
  • Sweet Creek fruit spreads: blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry
  • Sweet Creek enchilada sauces: mild, hot, green
  • Sweet Creek Cat Food

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