Dinner with Farmers

Recently I had the pleasure of a simple potlluck with a few of the farmers that supply the store.  It was an interesting mix of farmer age, experience, and attitude.

On the one end, a farmer couple that has been farming here for over 55 years.  They use chemical sprays and fertilizers and they’ve managed to hold on to their farm lands as the city encroaches upon them.  On the other end (literally, at the other end of the table that night) was a farmer that is just beginning her second year of farming.  She and her husband are using organic and sustainability as the goal to their farming.  In between were farmers that have been farming between 3 and 20 years.

One of the topics we touched on was the future of small farms.  The older farmer feels small farms will continue disappearing because our culture doesn’t support people knowing or caring about real food and food preparation.  The opposing view, of the organic farmers, was that the trends are leading to people actually looking deeper into what they are eating and making a more deliberate effort to eat real food and cook more ‘from scratch’.

There’s evidence to support both views.  What’s yours?

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