Dr. Neale’s Juice Recipe

Shake Recipes

Vary amounts of the below listed ingredients to your taste and based on the quantity you want. Local, organic, and sustainably grown vegetables have the most dense vitamin and mineral content, have no additives (i.e. pesticides that are harmful to your body), and are grown responsibly ensuring future harvests.

Flavor and Anti-oxidants and Vitamins

Fresh or Frozen berries

Liquid and Fats

Coconut milk
Water or Ice Cubes
Nut milk (made from nuts and water)

Dense Mineral and Vitamin and Fiber


Fats and Fiber

Flax seeds (raw and keep frozen)
Chia seeds (raw and keep frozen)
Sunflower seeds (raw and keep frozen)
Sesame seeds (raw and keep frozen)

Protein and Fats and Liquid

Cashews (raw and keep frozen)
Almonds (raw and keep frozen)
Pecans (raw and keep frozen)
Walnuts (raw and keep frozen)

Example Combination + Amounts:

Choose 1-2 items from each category above.
Add ¼ cup coconut milk.
Add small handful of nuts
Add small handful of seeds.
Add water till nicely liquefied.
Add two pieces of kale.
Add ½ carrot.
Add ¼ honey crisp apple.
Add a handful of blueberries.
Add more coconut milk until nicely liquefied.

Makes about two tall shakes depending on the size of your hand. 


It’s FAST and easy to clean up when you have a decent blender (Vitamix).
Stabilize metabolism and blood sugar.
A variety of dense nutrition in a highly absorbable form that is quick to eat.
Sustained energy throughout day (given you continue to eat & eat well throughout the day).
A happy digestive system.
A happy endocrine (hormone) system. Especially if you cycle the seeds.
Better mood.
Better ability to manage stress and tasks.
A sense of satisfaction that you had a top-notch breakfast and a fantastic start to your day.
AND Better overall well-being and energy.
Bragging rights.

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