Fearless Scottish Ale from a can

Fearless beer at Neighbors Market

Fearless Tasting

This review is on the “Fearless Scottish Ale” from Fearless Brewing. I put this beer at a slight disadvantage by sampling two other beers before it. But it holds up well. The other two beers, also quite good, did more to introduce this beer than to dilute it’s enjoyment.

Scottish Ales character, according to CraftBeer.com: “These ales from the Isles tend to emphasize malt sweetness over hop bitterness. Hops are difficult to grow in the north of Scotland and Ireland, so the alternative was to use a variety of roasted malts to enhance flavor. The exceptions are the well-hopped English bitters and pale ales of the south of England. The ale yeast used in these beers produces spicy and fruity characteristics.”
And according to RateBeer.com “Scottish Ale
Scottish ales are very malty, full-bodied, lightly hopped brews. Some are not fully fermented leaving behind residual sugars and malty.

Some Scottish Ales to look at:
McEwan’s Scottish Ale
Road Dog Scottish Ale
Beam Me Up Scottish Ale”

According to Moi: “Lovely to look at, and offering some of the spicy and fruity character of the Scottish RateBeer suggests, it’s light on the smokey or peaty character I’d expect and perhaps a bit sharper in the hops than the Craft Beer guide would suggest. I had this from a can, at home, and I think it would definitely be worth the carry on a backpack trip. I think this is a great end of day sort of beer and would probably be right at home with a plate of fish and chips.”

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