Fido-Quattro-LeParfait come to Vancouver, WA


Canning and Bottling Supplies

It’s that time of year when we have so much harvest bounty to save in south west Washington. I’m still learning (and in love with) fermenting. Many of the items in the store are a result of my own a-little-at-a-time lessons in food preservation. As I learn, I’m adding more products for Urban Homesteading.

Finding canning supplies in Vancouver, Washington is a bit easier now that I have found some sources I’m comfortable with. I carry the replacement lids for regular and wide-mouth Ball and Kerr jars, standard canning tools in America. (Have you ever wondered about the history and evolution of food preservation? Find a bit at the Wiki site and the book that got me asking more about how we got where we are with food preservation, Pure Ketchup: The History of America’s National Condiment.)

While Ball and Kerr are American icons, I am uncomfortable with so much of the glass being made in China and the fact that one company, Jarden, owns so many brands. So I went searching and came up mostly empty for a source of independent glass making companies for America, at least for canning.


As far as I can tell, the jars and bottles we have added to the store line of urban homesteading supplies, are from independently owned companies. We have beautiful bottles made in Italy and Spain and some excellent jars from France and Italy. The brands we’ve added are Fido, Le Parfait, and Quattro. We also have the spare gaskets for 85mm and 100mm jars. These containers will showcase your homemade goodness beautifully.

We have liter, half liter, and quarter liter sizes of jars and bottles. The canning jars include shoulder and straight sided designs.

Oh, the other nice thing about the gasket seals are that they are BPA-free.

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