GMO and our right to know

We choose no GMO

nogmoAt Neighbors Market, we are convinced there is not enough study to know the safety of genetically modified or genetically engineered foods, be it plant or animal. At any rate, we believe absolutely that consumers should be notified of the presence of known or suspected GMO foods or ingredients. We also think those companies growing GMO crops that contaminate other plants should pay heavily for the trespass, but that’s another article…

Our position on GMO labeling

With the excitement building around the discussion of GMO and GE foods and the labeling of same, we thought we’d let you know what we do to inform you of our position on GMO foods.

nongmoprojectWe prefer not to have GMO foods in the food system. The majority of the products in our store are from independent companies with similar views. Our first screen against GMO foods come from selecting the companies we work with. The 95% majority of the companies we buy from have an explicit stance on being truly natural and using whole foods. That generally is accompanied by statements of sustainability and wholesomeness.

As for our local produce, the farmers we buy from are not purchasing GMO seeds and most are organic in practice and others are certified organic, and we always let you know which farmer the produce comes from and their farming practice.

We are active in the right to know

We do not sit idly by on the activity for labeling! We kept the petition for getting the Washington Initiate 522 on the 2013 Ballot at our front counter and collected more than 200 signatures to send forth. Since then we have kept the “Let Us Decide” petition at the counter to help remind our legislators of our right to know.

As labeling of GMO-free products increases, we will be sure to highlight and further refine our selections. We feel just by avoiding big-corporation brands we go a long way in insuring transparency in what’s in our food and where it’s coming from.


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