I am

Tonight I joined I don’t know how many people at the Kiggins Theatre for a presentation of the documentary I AM . I was quite moved and heartened. For me, part of the movie affirms what I am doing by having Neighbors Market open.

I was glad to see so many people came to the theatre, especially knowing that it took so much effort on short notice for several people to pull this together. It underlines the meaning of “community”.

An added twist for me is that I am reading Myths to Live By by Joseph Campbell. And just the night before, the section I’d read includes this:

  • “…people have begun to take the existence of their supporting social orders for granted, and instead of aiming to defend and maintain the integrity of the community have begun to place at the center of concern the development and protection of the individual…”

I think this documentary addresses the disconnectedness and selfishness and the consequences of society not being a community.  The film gives hope by demonstrating that we are connected and affect each other and that we can create more good in the whole world with the simplest of good acts each day.  I guess another level was throwing off the illusion that money equates happiness.

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