It’s not either-or, it’s AND

There is a debate going on out there around “Is it better to buy organic or local”. I contend that food buying is not either-or. Your food should be both organic (I prefer sustainable) AND local. This is the best part of buying local. You can impact how the farmer farms in a very direct way when you choose local food. Okay, maybe I just tipped my hand that I believe local is “better”. When you talk to Lyle or Jim or Diane or April or Joe and say “I want to buy your produce and I want you not to spray toxins on it”, they will hear you. They might not change right away, or they

Watershed Map for Clark County

Farms and Watersheds are closely tied

might. Or maybe they will say “I never have”. But they will hear you. And when they have conversations with each other, they will say that customers are saying “don’t spray toxins” and they will all see that WE want their produce and we will buy it. And they don’t have to guess if it’s important to us. And because we are neighbors, and we live in the same community, they will respond to us.

I think I could write a whole series of other posts about the benefits to environment, society, and community when we buy local. In fact, I will. Consider this the intro.

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