Juicing and my Vita Mix

In an earlier post, I talked about my visit with a naturopath and the odd struggle I had with wanting non-conventional treatment and getting it but feeling uncomfortable because it wasn’t conventional.

I’m over that.

My continuing care with Dr. Neale is comfortable and I am seeing and feeling the good effects of her health guidance. I am sold on naturopathy, and Dr. Neale in particular.

Which is how we get to this sharing about my new Vita-mix lifestyle.

Neighbors Market Vita-Mix 4000

The old vita-mix

Dr. Neale gave me a copy of the recipe she uses and I have been using it often. Enough that I am even able to throw in a few variations. For instance, the delicious nut blends from Nut-Tritious Foods are good to use and replace both the categories of handfuls of the individual nuts and seeds. Isn’t it clever that Nut-Tritious foods has put the healthful combinations together for you?

Most of the time, the vegetables I retire from the store (wilted, less than perfect) generally end up in the bottom of the fridge at home or on the counter until they get to the compost pile. I mean to blend them up, but I usually forget. So, I brought my older Vita-mix to the store since honey bought a new one for home. I’m using it nearly daily. I’m enjoying it and feeling less fearful about experimenting.

One of the benefits, as particularly addressing what Dr. Neale is treating me for, is the stabilizing of blood sugar and energy from the blend she created. And guess what! I am feeling terrific and even starting to shed a few unnecessary pounds. It’s a very satisfying and relatively fast meal-in-a-glass.

I’ll be posting my favorite recipes, and I’d like to hear your combinations too.

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