Maybe I backed in to that…

Neighbors (could be) closing

I recently (2/4/14) sent a newsletter and posted on Facebook that my husband and I had arrived at a decision to try to sell the store or close it. I did point out that a couple of things could affect these decisions, but somehow, it seems most people have received the idea that the shut-down is imminent.

Well, I wanted to be prepared, and to prepare others, if the closing should happen soon; on the other hand, I wanted to be clear that there are a couple of dependencies. I didn’t emphasize that enough.

The Columbian called…

Anyways, the local newspaper person called to get the details of our demise. Not a big article, just one of those passing notes that five or 6 of us read in the business section. Well, that clued me in that I need to put some more information out in the community.

The store, for the most part, has been a one-person operation and I’m it. I’m also mother to a young man of very special needs, who, at this particular juncture, is in dire need of much more one-on-one attention than he’s receiving. My crisis – and therefore the store’s – is that there is not anymore time in my day to attend to both of my “babies”. That’s what lead to the decision to sell or liquidate.

A Glimmer of hope

I posted the store for sale. Still waiting for a buyer. Notice that the store was in peril resulted in one good thing: an interested party has come forward and we have a potential partnership that will help the store in such a way that I can get the time out of the store to attend to my family. So, the store is still for sale, but the imminent closing is no longer imminent.

Neighbors is still in business

We are business-as-usual and hopefully this little scare will remind our supporters to come a little more often and to tell more like-minded people about us. I’d love for the store to be the gem I envisioned: an employer of 5 or 6 people with me in a less active role in the day-to-day operation and an outlet for our local food producers; the one store where you can rest assured that the food is all natural, in the way you mean natural, from independent companies, and from ethical sources; all the time, every time.

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