My first neti

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my first visit with a naturopath. Today, I finally got around to following her suggestion of using a neti-pot to cleanse my sinuses (actually, my nasal membranes are parched).

the neti pot

My first neti

Years ago, I had heard my cousin describing the process to my aunt and interjected “eewwww!” and never considered it again. When Dr. Neale recommended it, and the rest of her treatments had been so beneficial, I decided it was time to give it a go. Or a blow…

I didn’t document the process, but you can find videos of the process out there. Let me just say, it wasn’t difficult, it wasn’t wholly unpleasant and I feel immensely better instantly.

Guess what we’ve added to the store shelves? Yes, neti-pots and salts in a variety of packages. I’m hooked after just one go.

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