Odin’s Gift and Salmon

The brewer’s notes: “Odin’s Gift formerly known as “Ruby Ale,” is a filtered, ruby-colored ale brewed in small hand-crafted batches. Just the right amount of hops topped with juniper berries results in a bold yet well-balanced flavor and a wonderfully fresh aroma. This versatile ale pairs well with a wide variety of food.
Aroma- Fresh, malty, medium hoppy floral
Top Note- Caramel, malty
Middle Note- Juniper arrives with a slightly nutty tone
Finishing Note- Hops offer medium bitterness, clean juniper finish
Color- Deep clear red
Alcohol By Volume- 5.4% (final gravity 1.012)
25 IBU
Recommended Pairings-Lean meats, including game, pasta, fish and poultry”.

Neighbors Market reviews Odin's Gift

Odin's Gift

And so, after savoring a couple of long, slow swallows of this beer, trying to detect the juniper, I dug out the salmon from last night’s dinner. I already liked the beer, so I wondered what it would be like with salmon, which I find hard to pair to any beverage. Well, first of all, kudos to my darling because the salmon was even better cold than hot. And, I’ll be dog-goned if that giftly Odin didn’t taste just fine following on the heels (tail?) of the salmon. I’m sold.

The Odin’s Gift is something to be grateful for.

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