Pistachio Pesto from Copper Crown

You may know, I taste near ’bout everything we carry here. So, when I tell you we have a phenomenal new product, I am speaking from experience. At the tasting table today: Vegan Pesto and Brazilian Pesto from Copper Crown. We have five flavor combinations and they change according to what’s in season. The creator of these amazingly good pestos is a chef at Copper Crown Fine Foods & Catering.

pesto_coppercrownWhat’s wonderful about this product is that the chef has values in alignment with the values at Neighbors Market: supporting our local economy, clean food, all natural products. The pistachios are grown by Classic Foods out of California and the balance of the ingredients come from Oregon-Washington farmers. That pretty much satisfies the question about humane treatment of workers and animals by virtue of just knowing who the farmers are (Chef David sees most of them at weekly Farmers Markets) and definitely supports our local economy. Oh, and I don’t want to leave out what an extraordinary taste experience these pestos are.

Check out the farmers:
This video features Rick Steffin of Rick Steffin Farm.
Deep Roots Farm
The FaceBook page for Springwater Farm
Gee Creek Farm and Mill
Gathering Together Farm
You can find them all at the Portland Farmers Market and you’ll find these delicious pestos in our cooler and freezer. Don’t forget the Partners Crackers or fresh local breads to pair with the pesto.

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