Every item in Neighbors Market has had some deliberate thought behind its placement on our shelves. We strive to be sure the foods we offer are free of chemicals and cruelty. As much as possible, items on the shelves are sourced and processed on this continent. As we can, we select products from companies based on their physical proximity to our location. These decisions are weighed against other criteria of sustainability, fair and

Our shelf products

Products are carefully selected

ethical treatment of workers and animals, and environmental impact of the growing methods. We make it a priority consideration as to whether the product is from a company that is independently owned. We deliberately and willfully eschew products from mega-corporations.

There is room in our world for imported foods, and third party certification is often critical in having some confidence that the food is grown and traded in a manner that protects and honors the culture, physical environment, and fairness of the producers. Everyone should have access to the full complement of local foods necessary for a healthful and comfortable life and foods that are traditional to the local culture. With that, we believe a robust exchange of certain products can be had without devastating either culture or environment of the producers. Indeed, we believe that if the full and true costs are borne by the benefactors, economic inducements can lead to more sustainable production of globally traded items.