The art of business

Warning: this post has a bit of name dropping.

What a great time I had downtown at First Friday Art Walk on May 4! I popped quickly in to Angst and then to the double event at the Kiggins. I ran across several very interesting people, many that I already know. I love Art Walk for the sense of shared community and for the most excellent variety of art on display. When I actually visit the galleries anyways.

I haven’t been getting out much, since I started on the market, about two years ago. For a while, I’ve seen people only if they come to the store and even then, seldom had time to chat. So, big social events like Vancouver’s Downtown Art Walk are a big deal for me. This time, I spent most of my time out connecting with other small business creators. I spoke with Burnt Bridge Cellars (SO excited for their opening soon), the sweet Deda’s Bakery, Mini Mozarts Preschool (having a fund raiser), The New Kiggins, Front Door Back, By The Bottle, Salmon Creek Brew Pub, Seven Brides, and Big River Distributing. All these people are excited and committed to their business and providing something special to their communities. I am energized by talking to them. We’re all at different phases of our business growth, but we are kindred by the knowing. It’s joyful stuff, even when we’re commiserating over the 60 or 80 hour work weeks. When I talk to small business owners, I’m talking to the foundation of a great community.

Look around you, these small business owners are your neighbors and with your support, they’re keeping the economy rolling!

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