Sam Schrager

I’m Sam, a member of the Neighbors Market team since May 2012. I plan to do all I can to help Lynn promote goods produced by our community and

Neighbors Market Helper Sam

Market Helper Sam

created with forethought toward environmental health. It is important to me that we concentrate efforts on shrinking food systems in order to promote diversity. Diversity is the spice of life, and a key component to stability.

I am locally grown and currently I live with my partner Hannah in Washougal, WA. We have a large garden and flock of chickens that we hope to grow into a functional CSA program in the next few years. This last December I graduated from WSU Vancouver with a BA in Social Science. My concentrations were in public policy and environmental ecology. On the weekends I work for an organic winery and am happy to talk about it. Thank you for supporting Neighbors, I look forward to meeting you!