Variation on Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Last year I posted a deliciously simple pumpkin soup recipe. This year I made a variation of the same soup.

To start, I began with a sweetmeat squash.

Versatile winter squash, sweetmeat

Sweet Meat Winter Squash

It looks, from the outside, something akin to a blue hubbard. The flesh is lighter, and I believe the taste to be more delicate. Anyways, this is my first experience cooking with it. I made a pie and this soup.

Savory Pumpkin Soup

Savory Pumpkin Soup

This year, what you can’t see is that instead of the 6 cups of beef broth, I used 6 cups of whey.

Day before yesterday, I made mozzarella cheese from a gallon of raw milk. After making the cheese, I tried some ricotta, but I got the steps confused and it didn’t quite work out, but I had quite a bit of whey. So, I set aside 6 cups of whey and poured the remainder on my grape vine. [my blueberry bush that received so much whey last year was very healthy this year!].

The result? An extra level of complexity in this savory pumpkin soup, and numerous additional health and nutritional benefits. I think this is going to be well paired with a hunk of sourdough bread and a schmeer of butter….

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