We’re not that kind of store….

More than once I’ve had helpful and well meaning hints from other [more successful] store owners and managers that if I’d loosen up on my standards I’d be able to make more money in the store.

Dang! I do want the store to be more profitable, yes I do. I’d like to hire 5 more people to manage and operate the store (do the multiplier effect of five more locally employed people dedicated to supporting the local economy). However, if I did change my standards for the products on my shelves, then, well, you’d still have to research every product yourself to be confident you weren’t buying from Kraft, or Nestlè, or Cargill, or Amour or Coke, or Pepsi, or…any of those big mega-nationals. You’d have to read every label to be sure you weren’t picking up something with high fructose corn syrup, laboratory ingredients, or misery meat, or unnecessary fillers and artificial *stuff*.

We’re not that kind of store. We are the kind of store you can safely shop knowing that WE [I] researched every product online or in person to be assured that the company is independently owned and using all natural ingredients. If it’s meat or meat ingredients we have made every effort to be sure it’s from sources that maintain ethical treatment of animals.

Profits are important, and they don’t have to come at the expense of ethics. We [collectively] need to buy food that is sustainably and ethically produced. Deliberate selection of the foods on our table. Deliberate choices based in ethics, environment, sustainability. We’re that kind of store.

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