Yes, Vancouver, Downtown Grocery Stores Do Exist

Downtown Grocery Stores Exist

Our town is in the long process of revitalizing its downtown core. A commendable and important activity that is the result of continuous efforts and a strong vision of a vibrant city center. Many people have exerted considerable efforts toward individual and organizational vision with notable financial risk. An important component of this move to a sustainable economic core is the addition of multilevel residential units.

Now that the housing appears to be arriving, an oft repeated complaint is that “downtown doesn’t have a grocery store”. Well, that’s not true. As of October 2013, there are two grocery stores on Main Street. The first Main Street grocery store for downtown in several decades opened at 1707 Main Street in 2010. We offer the essentials of a well stocked kitchen such as bread, milk, eggs, meats, produce and all from local Washington and Oregon sources.

Neighbors Market has clean food (pastured raised, locally grown, no HFCS [high fructose corn syrup], little or no GMO [genetically manufactured organism] food, organic, etc., etc.). What those people who are saying “we need a grocery store” are visualizing is “a big box grocery store”; you know, the kind that import foods from central distribution centers; foods that come from industrial growing or industrialized meat processors; those big box grocery stores that are part of the consolidation and homogenization of our food systems; the members of the mega-corporate complexes that are part of the destruction of middle-class America and the wiping out of small family farms. Those kind of stores.

Vancouver (WA) is retro-fitting its downtown but if it hadn’t lost its way during the 1950s and kowtowed to the Car God and Urban Sprawl for 60 years, it would have maintained the livability and walk-ability it yearns for now; vital elements of many small shops in proximity to neighborhoods and apartment buildings. It would have multiple neighborhood grocery stores (not to be confused with the Walmart fakes), each with its own character and all supporting local food production. More local food production which would support more local jobs.

People are saying they want to support local business, support local farms, eat real foods, support the local economy. They are turning a blind eye to the answer presented.

Neighbors Market needs downtown Vancouver residents to walk the talk and actually buy local foods from our independent and locally owned grocery store. This store is unique in the clarity of its values and which companies we support by offering products from local and independent producers. We support local farms and job-building local businesses by buying from them and populating our store shelves with their products.

We’re here for you, Vancouver.

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